Volunteer Resources

Thank you, volunteers, for all your hard work and dedication. We couldn’t pull this event off without you!

Request for Payment Form 2015-16.

Please note this is a fundraiser and all expenses should be kept to a minimum. Directors must approve all expenses.

Street Scenes is a tax exempt fundraiser and you will not be reimbursed for sales tax. Tax exempt cards can be picked up at any general meeting.

Room set-up training videos
Overview Street Scenes Room Set Up Training
Part 1 – Basics – Street Scenes Room Set Up Training

  • Basics of Street Scenes and map of the school with key locations identified.

Part 2 – Finished Rooms  – Street Scenes Room Set Up Training

  • Examples of how and why rooms are decorated for Street Scenes.

Part 3A – Flats – Street Scenes Set Up Training

  • Where to find your room flats.  How to paint and decorate your flats.

Part 3B – Flats Continued – Street Scenes Set Up Training

  • Hanging flats.  How to provide window access (important).  Getting to switches and electrical outlets.  How to handles built in furniture and doors.

Part 4A – Ceilings – Street Scenes Set Up Training

  • Finished examples of ceilings.  How to use strings to install your crepe paper ceiling.  How to install ceiling brackets.  How many strings to use.  How to work around light bars.

Part 4B – Ceilings Continued – Street Scenes Set Up Training

  • Installing ceilings using strings.  How to work around light bars.  Attaching ceilings to flats.  Installing ceiling around doorways and keeping the fire strobe visible.  How to attach the ceiling to the flats at the end of a room.  Correcting problems.

Part 5 – Stages, Bars, and Room Signs – Street Scenes Set Up Training

  • Ways to decorate the sides of stages.  Street Scenes bars.  Room sponsor sign placement.

Part 6 – Marquees – Street Scenes Set Up Training

  • All about marquees.  How they’re displayed and who to contact about them.

Part 7A – Cross-Road Signs, Door Decorating, Hallways – Street Scenes Set Up Training

  • Many examples of signs produced in the past to advertise entertainment rooms within Street Scenes (at the cross roads).  Different ideas for how to make such signs.

Part 7B – Cross-Road Signs, Door Decorating, Hallways Continued – Street Scenes Set Up Training

  • How to decorate doors and work around the door handle.  How hallways are decorated.  Leaving an isle in the hallway during teardown.

Part 8 – Worker’s Costumes – Street Scenes Set Up Training

  • Examples of costumes worn by workers during Street Scenes.  Ideas for making costumes simple.

Part 9 – Checklists – Street Scenes Set Up Training

  • Helpful checklists and a good question and answer period.

School map with key locations identified
Tips on how to use cable ties to hang your flats
Covers ceiling brackets, location and number of strings for ceiling, and how to work around the light bars
Info on how marquees are handled, and who to contact with requests
What and where to move into the hallway during teardown, and what to leave in the room
Recommended list of essential tools
Key ideas for planning the set up for your room
Set Up Do’s and Don’ts
Great list of ideas to make tear down go smoothly


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